About Company

Kratom & Kava Online is high quality premium kratom tea distributor serving customers in USA and Canada for the last 7 years. "Health conscious" is the most fitting description of our company. Our cooking involves natural and organic ingredients, and we prefer natural oils and fertilizers for gardening instead of harmful commercial pesticides. This approach to life is intrinsic to our identity, and we carry the same attitude towards everything we do as a kratom tea distributor.

Our journey started about a decade ago upon discovering kratom tea, we became concerned about the quality and safety of these products, especially with the abundance of dubious pills and powders available at every corner store and gas station. To ensure that we consumed only the highest quality and transparently-tested products, we embarked on a meticulous search for a source that met our standards for potency and affordability, and that had undergone third-party lab testing. Our search involved months of visiting various vendors and shops, where we learned everything there was to know about kratom tea, from their visual qualities to brewing methods. We spared no expense because we believe quality is always worth it. Satisfied with the quality of our tea, we sought to share our experience with others. Now, everything has fallen into place, and we spread this joy to others as one of the leading kratom tea companies.